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December 30 2014


Alternative Treatments for Dog Joint Pain

Just like humans, many dogs develop joint pain and arthritis as they age. This is more common among larger dogs, but it can happen to any dog. When your dog is experiencing this kind of pain, they will let you know it. They may yelp in pain or they may just be very slow moving. Either way, you will know there is a serious problem going on. This can make you feel horrible, as no dog owner likes to see their dog in pain. With proper Dog Joint Health, you can make your dog feel better and keep arthritis flare-ups at bay.

Many people give their dogs aspirin when they notice they are in pain, but this may not be as safe as they may think. If the aspirin is buffered, the dog's intestines may not be able to absorb the aspirin the way they should. This can cause the aspirin to build up in the stomach, which can lead to toxic dose of aspirin in the stomach over time. To keep this from happening, you can try alternative treatments for your dog's joint pain. These products are generally safer and many of them as just as effective as aspirin is. To learn more about alternative treatments, you can visit Pet Pad online at dog joint health.

dog joint health

One of the natural alternatives that are talked about on this website is Yucca Insensitive. This is an extract from the Yucca plant and it is all natural. This extract has anti-inflammatory properties, which is very important in managing joint pain. It keeps the swelling around the joints down, which can significantly decrease the pain. Since this extract is bitter, it is best to add it to your dog's food. That way you will be sure that they get the proper dose without having to force it down their throats.

There are many other alternative treatments for joint pain in dogs, and you can learn more about them at joint supplements for dogs. The website doesn't just tell you what the treatment is, it also tells you what it does. That way you will know what to expect from the product before you purchase it. Sometimes it takes a while to find the right treatment for your dog, but with enough trial and error you will find what is right for your dog. If you are unable to find one that works, then you should see a veterinarian to see what your options are. 
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